Counselling Adults  ---- £35 per session (50 mins)

Counselling Adolescents (Aged11-18 years) --- £30 per session (50 mins)

Concession for Counselling Students on Counselling Course -- £30 per session (50 mins)

Longer sessions are available on request at time of booking


Mindfulness one-to-one ---- £35 per 50 min session

Mindfulness one-to-one ---- £25 per 30 min session

Mindfulness booked with Counselling ---- £20 for 30 mins before or after counselling


Mindfulness Workshop

This mindfulness 3 hour workshop for beginners is held some Saturday mornings and some Tuesday evenings with a maximum of 6 participants for each workshop. This will be ideal for beginners who have never tried mindfulness, and others who have only tried it a little, and want to build more mindfulness into their life. It will be peaceful and easy going so no one will feel intimidated or uncomfortable. I will endeavour to help everyone feel at ease. 

Price of £25 payable on the day, includes refreshments on arrival, and everything needed for the workshop (including chocolate). A certificate shall be issued on completion of the workshop. 

The anonymous poem below captures the essence of counselling.

Why Am I Here?

I am here to listen .....
.....Not to work miracles.

I am here to help you discover what you are feeling .....
.....Not to make things go away.

I am here to help you identify your options .....
.....Not to decide for you what you should do.

I am here to discuss steps with you .....
.....Not to take the steps for you.

I am here to help you discover your own strength .....
.....Not to rescue you and leave you still vulnerable.

I am here to help you discover that you can help yourself .....
.....Not to take responsibility for you.

I am here to help you choose .....
.....Not to make it unnecessary for you to make difficult choices.

I am here to provide support for your change.