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On this page you will find testimonials of clients who have benefited from counselling with Stephen. The Inspired Counselling Clients wish to write something that will encourage other clients to trust Stephen, and gain courage to make the first move to make contact regarding counselling and psychotherapy. The testimonials will be autonomously written usually, or with a clients first name, or initial only.

(If any other clients wish to write a testimonial it will be greatly appreciated, by Stephen, and other precious people who are considering getting help and support through counselling and psychotherapy, just contact Stephen.)

This poem is from one of Stephen's clients, and they have kindly given permission to share:

"Today, I gently opened my eyes from the darkness,
How do I feel? I'm further back from the abyss,
I'm not gasping for air, i'm not drowning inside,
My mind is at peace, I smile, my tears all cried.

I've been through the battles, drugs, sex, bars.
Abused, hurt, ashamed, lost. They all left their scars.
Dragged about my burdens, crushing me slowly,
Guilt ridden, confused but most of all lonely.

One night it came. The voice said 'just a cut'.
It was all the sign I needed to try to escape the rut.
I'd no other way out though, I was spiralling down,
Somebody? ANYBODY! SAVE ME! I can't turn this around!

It was too much, I was so heavy, so tired,
I needed help, what I found was Inspired.
I told him my story, my secrets all unlocked,
I wasn't judged or pitied, he wasn't even shocked.

All of the troubles, all the feelings slowly teased out
Of the mess in my mind, I constantly tossed about.
I had no expectation, no goal to achieve,
But, I AM a good person deep down I believe.

The road ahead isn't easy. He understands, he knows.
He walks by your side at your lowest of lows.
Guiding and helping you to deal with your past.
Finding a way to forgive it and let it go, at last.

To become who you are, you need to know where you have been.
Make peace with it, lessons learned - it wasn't a dream.
The main thing is YOU, who do you want to become?
Face everything and rise? Or forget everything and run?"

Words From An Inspired Counselling Services Client.

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Great mindfulness workshop this morning... Thanks Stephen

Stephen provides a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for the very enjoyable Mindfulness course. Loved the mindfulness eating of chocolate! Highly recommended!

"As this is Mental Health Awareness Month I wanted to share this link for Stephen McFarland Inspired Counselling. I've had countless counselling sessions with various organisations and didn't believe talking was going to help. Any of my friends know I don't have a problem talking, however I wasn't 'really' talking.
7 weeks ago I begrudgingly walked into Stephen's calming haven and told him this was not going to help. How wrong was I!!! Stephen's counselling methods are so different to what I've experienced before and for the first time I got a sense that he really understood and could help. Stephen helps you see what's happening in your sub conscious without any heebie jeebie stuff.
With my dōTERRA oils, more self care & Stephens counselling sessions I'm on the road to beating the black dog so it doesn't take over my life.
Help end the stigma and share this post so others may seek help and end the suffering"

"I among many can confirm: you're the right person to talk to when things go overboard. Thank you Stephen."

"Merry Christmas councillor.
I hope you and yours have a merry and peaceful one. I myself will be taking it easy in a 'have yourself a merry little christmas' jumper that santa will be gifting me. I cant thank you enough for your guidance this year leading to the hope,the peace and the enjoyment of each thought and challenge.... and there have been many. I'm not scared anymore,a very different person to what I have ever offered to be and a truer reflection of what I really am. It has been a long but very worthwhile battle with you behind me helping me edge forward. A year that could quite easily have been one for my family wondering why I committed suicide just shy of Christmas last year. It has been a year of self love,forgiveness,hard work and now true hope. You gave me the tools I lacked and asked if I was ok. I am forever in debted and forever now in hope for more from life. I am ok. Thank you for asking.
Please feel free to share anonymously."

"I commenced therapy about a year ago thinking there is nothing wrong with me I am okay. That was the mask I wore for so many years even to the point I actually believed it. That was the lie; underneath there was much pain, hurt, guilt, resentment, and rejection of the past so much I didn't want to face it. I was resistive, reluctant, and avoidant; not the ideal client by many means..... Stephen stayed with it!! He gently broke down those barriers I had up! I can honestly say that Stephen is the most genuine non judgmental therapist I have met and there has been a few..... I never truly opened up until I used Inspired Counselling Services. Stephen has encouraged and supported me throughout this journey. He is trustworthy and will walk your journey with you. I am healing and I can manage my anger better than I did before. I have been able to forgive those who wronged me. Most of all while it times it's been tough I am now coming out of the darkness into the light. My favourite saying is it does what it says on the tin! I am truly thankful Wishing you all a peaceful joyous and blessed Christmas."

"Attended Mindfulness Workshop tonight with Stephen. Felt relaxed and comfortable and learnt so much. Always been interested in mindfulness and now I can't wait to put the learnt techniques into practice. The chocolate exercise made my senses go into overdrive lol - everyone should try it. Well recommended!!"

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